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World Property & Investment Show

19-20 October 2019, Mumbai, India

11:00 Welcome Address by the Chairperson

11:15 Keynote Presentation – The advent and evolution of cross border investments and multinational trade relations between nations through Indian and International Realty Investments

11:30 The role and importance of HNI’s and Business Conglomerates in developing the regional and international Real Estate industry

11:45 Exploring economic profitability and return on investments through real estate business and trade

12:00 Exploring Government policies, FDI norms and financial fiscal regulations in the Real Estate Industry

12:15 Interactive Panel Discussion: Global Overview & Analysis of Properties and Investment in India and Internationally

  • Exploring the various facets of regional and global real estate property investment scenarios
  • Analyzing opportunities and challenges within FDI prospects as compared to local developments
  • Understanding profitability and growth through investments in rapidly expanding real estate developments
12:30 Lunch Break and Networking

01:30 The role of technology and modern methodologies in Real estate and Investments scenarios

01:45 Discussing the Supply-Demand gap in the Regional and International Real estate markets

02:00 Exploring the impact and facets of RERA and REIT policies to understand the future of Real estate

02:15 Exploring untapped markets in the Indian Real estate Geography

02:30 Understanding the importance of FDI and external funding that can enhance national income and increase GDP and value of currencies

02:45 Analyzing the Affordable Housing and Student Accommodations sector for varied investment opportunities

03:00 Coffee Break and Networking

03:45 Interactive Panel Discussion: How do investors dissect the Indian and International Real Estate markets and decide current and future investments.

  • Seeking a new perspective and refreshed point of view from emerging entities
  • Exploring methods and analytics that result in profit and success
  • Understanding damage control and emergency management in times of trouble and instability
04:15 Speaker Felicitation Ceremony
05:00 End of Day 1 Conference
11:00 Welcome Address by the Chairperson

11:15 Keynote Presentation – Understanding Global Investment Trends and Market Drivers leading to Urbanization

11:30 Exploring Digitalization in Architecture and Design to ensure efficiency and implemental cost-effectiveness

11:45 Creating innovative solutions and alternatives for ever increasing Tenants and lease clientele

12:00 Interactive Panel Discussion – Technological advancements in real estate

  • Discussing Smart Cities and Sustainable Development
  • Using futuristic techniques for construction to save costs whilst increasing quality and durability
  • Using Technology and Innovation to ensure Ecological preservation and maintain a balance in the Nature reserve vs. Realty development
12:30 Lunch Break and Networking
01:30 End of Conference
07:00 Awards Recognition Ceremony
08:00 Cocktail Party Entertainment Entourage at “The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai”