7 Expert Sales Tips for Property Trade Show Exhibitors

Are you a property exhibitor?

Are you worried about improving your plummeting property sales?

Unsure of how to approach this herculean property exhibition task?

1. Target the right audience

You may have the best property in the best locations of the world, but if you market it to the wrong set of audience you are bound to fail. Hence, picking the right demographic to target your marketing efforts will save them all from going in vain.

This step is where market research comes into play. Let your research analysts crunch those numbers and identify the perfect market for your property exhibition.

2. Marketing Marketing and Marketing !

Now that you know your potential buyers. Plan and strategize fun and captivating marketing campaigns. Create the hype and buzz. Remember, planning, positioning, engagement and reinforcement is the way to go!

Device your Ads to fit right into the purchasing needs of the consumers. Use all ATL, BTL and TTL marketing channels. Digital, print, radio, television, and outdoor marketing to name a few. So, Spread the word! and let it work its magic.

Usually exhibition organizers like Mindscape Exhibitions take care of this for their exhibitors.

3. Co-branding strategic partnerships

Sure advertising in newspapers, radio and television channels works wonders. It brings footfall to your stalls. People remember your ad jingles and taglines long after the buzz dies.

But this is only practical for exhibitors with an exuberant marketing budget. However, for marketers with limited budgets, co-branding no-cost media partnerships are the messiahs.

Approach the media partners with a cogent partnership pitch. Make offers they can't refuse, and you will see how cost effectively you can place your brand logos on all of their marketing material and vice versa.

4. Celebrity Brand Ambassador

Although this may sound like a far fetched idea. But approaching a celebrity to be your brand ambassador is not beyond the bounds of possibility.

Celebrities are people too who want to invest their precious wealth in a property that's right for them.

You will need your research team's intervention here. They can narrow down a list of famous people with shared visions, values or businesses.

Reach out with a compelling proposal, and you are sure to score a celebrity collaboration.

5. A Strong Sales Team

Put together a group of dynamic, and convincing sales executives. This recruitment process is extremely crucial.

You can do all the marketing you need, get all the celebrities to endorse your products. But if you don't have a well rounded sales team with the right mix of persistence, empathy, aggression and tact, you can lose this sales war in no time.

6. Tailor Made Sales Pitch

The sales executives must not pitch the same property to everyone just because its the most expensive sale or fetches them the highest commission. Your sales team must be equipped to handle customers from different walks of life and help them find a property they feel comfortable investing in.

It is of utmost importance that the customers be delighted by the individual attention they receive. Your goal should be to build an everlasting customer relationship, not one that is short lived.

7. Tech Integration and Customer Engagement

Every investor wants to have a first hand view of the property that they want to invest in, to be sure that they know what they are paying for.

It is extremely consuming and nearly impossible for realtors and property exhibitors to build a sample property in a short lived exhibition. Here, virtual 360° tours can save the day. Other customer engagement activities such as live pop quizzes and virtual simulations are the kinds of tech that exhibitors must invest in.

In conclusion, marketing, brand placement, innovative technological integrations and delighting customers is sure to get those sales going.